Oculus Home Gets Major Upgrade and Gear VR Avatar Support

Oculus Home has been totally rebuilt from the ground up to reduce the load on Mobile devices. In addition, Oculus Avatars are being introduced into Gear VR.

Oculus Avatars were originally introduced to the Oculus Rift when the Touch was introduced. Now those Avatars are being introduced to the Gear VR, so the same Avatar can follow a user from Oculus to Gear VR and vice-versa. The following Gear VR titles are introducing Oculus Avatar support:

Oculus Rooms, Hulu, Fusion Wars, vTime, Hologrid, The Guidance Team and Drop Dead.

The support for Avatars comes alongside a total rebuild of Oculus Home for the Gear VR that allows for much higher graphical fidelity in the application, while still decreasing the load on the mobile device, thus reducing overheating and increasing battery life.

The Samsung Unpacked event is still going on, so expect new announcements regarding the Gear VR. VRFocus will continue to keep you informed.