NOLO VR Roomscale Mobile VR Solution Meets Funding Goal

NOLO VR gets over $200,000 in crowdfunder backing.

NOLO VR is an inexpensive solution for bringing room-scale virtual reality (VR) to mobile VR devices such as Google Cardboard. The designers behind the project, LYRobotix launched a Kickstarter campaign in January that has since succeeded in meeting its funding goal.

The campaign sought $50,000 (USD) of funding. It has since blasted past that goal to reach a total (as of writing) of $231,491 (USD). As a result, the project has easily passed its stretch goals.

Backers of the project are expecting to begin receiving their product sometime in May 2017. The basic product bundle itself consists of a tracking base station, headset marker, 2 controllers, USB connecting cables and a charger.

LYRobotix say the product is designed for low latency on Android-based mobile VR devices such as Google Cardboard and Gear VR smartphones, as well as SteamVR. NOLO VR allows for six degrees of freedom tracking in a space of up to 13ft.

The developers are now working on a new variant for the tracking base station – a ceiling-mounted version which will allow for full 360-degree room-scale tracking as shown in the video below.

The company says that with the generous amount of funding they have received from the Kickstarter campaign, they can now go to work on other VR motion tracking products.

Devices using iOS are compatible with NOLO VR in Mobile VR mode, and LYRobotix are planning on releasing an iOS SDK for developers soon. An SDK for Android is already available.

For further information and to get future updates, you can visit the official Kickstarter page.

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