New Companies Join Vive Accelerator Program

Vive X has announced that 30 new companies are joining the Vive Global Accelerator Program. Companies chosen for the program will receive funding and support for virtual reality (VR) products.

The companies now joining will be the second batch to join the global program, which will offer ending and support for companies interested in developing for VR, with the goal of expanding the global VR ecosystem. The companies joining the program are located in San Francisco, Beijing, Shenzhen and Taipei and represent a diverse mix of industries, from a manufacturer of thermo-electrical devices, to camera manufacturers, to companies specialising in facial recognition software.

HTC Vive product 1

All the tools required for developing new VR content will be made available to companies in the program, platforms, hardware, software as well as expert advice from Vive X.

“Vive X works with the most promising VR/AR companies to advance innovation and move the whole industry forward,” said Marc Metis, Global Head of Vive X. “We’re continuing to invest in and support the development of foundational platform services and hardware advancements, as well as expanding areas like enterprise, commerce, education, health, social, and eSports.”

Vive X has also announced it is to open a Vive X branch in Israel, and is looking for applications in that area. Further information can be found at the Vive X official website.

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