National Theatre Partners With Accenture For Immersive Storytelling Studio

The National Theatre continues its association with virtual reality (VR) as it announces it is partnering with strategy and consulting company Accenture to expand its Immersive Storytelling Studio as well as announcing three new immersive projects the National Theatre is supporting.

The Immersive Story Studio was set up to examine how VR, 360-degree film and augmented reality (AR) and other new technology could be used to enhance the National Theatre’s ability to be a pioneer in dramatic storytelling.

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Rachel Barton, Managing Director, Customer and Digital Strategy, Accenture Strategy said: We’re delighted to be the National Theatre’s ‘Partner for Innovation’ and to help it deliver its thrilling strategic vision. Our role as a digital innovator is to help NT create immersive experiences in the arts, as part of a strategy to engage with new audiences.

The National Theatre is also part of the team that created Draw Me Close, a film project that used HTC Vive as part of its production. Draw Me Close is a story combining animation, 36-degree film and motion capture to tell the story of the last moments between a dying woman and her son. It is due to première at Tribeca Film Festival on April 20th 2017.

The National Theatre will also be partnering with the Barbican Centre for alt.barbican a six-month program to provide support for artists working with a combination of technology and arts whose work falls outside traditional art forms.

The Immersive Storytelling Studio is also continuing with producing backstage and rehearsal room content with its 360-degree video content available online.

As we’ve reported before, the National Theatre has been supportive of VR projects, such as with the Ugly Lies The Bone companion VR installation ‘COOL!’. Draw Me Close will also join another VR story at the Tribeca Film Festival, as Oculus Story Studio’s own Talking With Ghosts is also getting a showing there.

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