Morph 3D Brings AR to Physical Stores

Virtual avatars come to brick-and-mortar stores

Two companies, Bold Metrics and Morph 3D have announced their plan to create 3D augmented reality (AR) avatars inside brick-and-mortar stores on high streets and shopping centres, bridging the gap between the real world and the online world.

Retails stores in the real world have suffered a slow in sales and profits since online retailers like Amazon began their rise to prominence. Brick-and-mortar stores need an extra incentive to lure customers away from the internet, and Bold Metrics and Morph 3D believe they have found it.

The technology they are introducing allows shoppers to create 3D avatars of themselves.
The Bold Metrics algorithm maps body measurement details onto an avatar, a process that involves no measuring tape or time-consuming 3D scans, only a series of simple questions. The resulting virtual avatar can then be used to experience products and services available in the virtual world.

“Together with Morph 3D, we are demonstrating the future of commerce and product design,” said Morgan Linton, co-founder and COO, Bold Metrics. “Until VR and AR technology is in our homes, the technology will primarily be accessible in brick-and-mortar stores. Brick and mortar retail has suffered as Amazon continues to grow. Consumers today need a reason beyond shopping to visit a physical store. This technology creates an exciting immersive in-store experience for shoppers to experience AR – most for the first time – interact with holographic products, and experience a brand in an entirely new way.”

“People are developing a strong connection with their online avatars as part of their personal identity,” added Berk Frei, VP of Strategy and Innovation, Morph 3D. “At Morph 3D, we are looking to work with the best technologies to make sure our avatars are not only robust in their capabilities, but also accessible to the consumer. With Bold Metrics, we are democratizing this process by enabling all consumers to generate a personalized avatar to enrich their online shopping experiences.”

VRFocus will bring you more on VR and AR in shopping and commerce as it comes in.

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