Life In 360°: To Climb Above The Highest

If there’s somewhere you seriously do not want to get into difficulties, it is either somewhere very, very deep. Or alternatively somewhere very, very high. The sheer logistics of help actually coming your way, to save you from a potentially life threatening predicament, are nothing to be dismissed. In such situations your rescue is down to two factors: The availability of specialist rescue teams and the bravery of those who serve on them,

Yet such teams do, of course, exist. Even on Mount Everest, Earth’s tallest mountain, there are teams who will set off to rescue climbers who have come into difficulties. Today’s video features one such unit, a rescue helicopter. One of several search and rescue helicopters that are always on standby for those in trouble. They can take off at a moment’s notice but even for a helicopter Everest is no picnic. The air is thin, helicopter and pilot are being pushed to their limits. Even the weather before the pilot and behind them must be taken into account.

Today’s video sees us in the seat of one of these helicopters courtesy of Discovery, offering us all a view that even those who scale the mountain never get to see.

VRFocus will be back next week for more Life in 360°