Introspective narrative game Anamorphine gets teaser trailer

Developer Artifact 5 have released a teaser trailer for their narrative-driven game, Anamorphine, an introspective look at the perceptions and memories of someone suffering from mental illness.

Anamorphine has a unique feature in that is has do dialogue or text, nor does it have an ‘action button’ as is common in most visual novels and narrative-driven games. Instead, the player steps into the role of Tyler, a young man suffering from post-traumatic stress as he revisits important moments in his past to confront his guilt and depression.


The game has no combat, the gameplay relies on uncovering secrets and understanding what is going on in the surreal, dreamlike surroundings. Anamorphine has been praised for its innovation, and recently won an award for Best Storytelling at the 11th Game Connection Development Awards.

The developers expect that game to be out later this year for Windows PC, XBox One and VR Devices. What VR devices will be supported has not yet been confirmed, nor has a final price point. You can visit the Steam page for the game for further details.


Artifact 5 do warn that though the game contains no violence, it does deal with themes of mental health, depression, grief and loss. You can watch the teaser trailer below.

VRFocus will keep you informed on developments for Anamorphine as they come in.