Hubblo VR Launch Indiegogo For 360-degree VR Camera

The Hubblo PX6 Camera is a 360-degree 3D camera with six lenses that allows for live-stitching of panoramic virtual reality (VR) broadcasting. The device has already reached prototyping stage and now the makers are seeking to raise $50,000 through Indiegogo.

The Hubblo PX6 camera pairs with a smartphone using a simple app that controls the camera. The Hubblo has six lenses that stream images that can be live-streamed without any needs for post-processing to stitch them together.


The device managed to reach the finals of ‘Last Gadget Standing’ at CES 2017 in January with it’s prototype and the makers now consider it ready for project backers. Manufacturing samples are ready to be created and the makers are expecting mass production to commence in July 2017.

The lowest backer tier is only $10 USD, which nets you a free copy of the Hubblo phone app. Other tiers range from $999 USD for a single Hubblo Camera, power adaptor and battery pack, to up to $2899 USD which will get you three Hubblo Cameras and required accessories.

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