HTC Vive Gets Ready to Party with Schlocks

Schlocks by Fancy Bear Games is bringing over 100 micro party games on to the HTC Vive. The developers are hoping to bring a truly social experience to the platform.

Virtual reality (VR) has sometimes been criticised as an intrinsicly isolated, solitary experience. Developer Fancy Bear Games hopes to change that with Schlocks, a selection of fast-paced party games that encourage social play. In the tradition of rapid-fire party games like the Warioware series, each game is only ten seconds long, and each requires the player to be on their toes as they are asked to perform tasks like hit beehives, hoist the sail of a ship or make a sandwich, all within the strict time limit and with minimal instructions.

The developer hopes to bring Schlocks to Steam Early Access in Q2 of 2017, where it will be steadily revised and upgraded until it is ready for full release, which Fancy Bear Games believes could be as soon as a month after the Early Access launch. The price point upon Early Access is expected to be $15 USD.

CEO of Fancy Bear Games, Patrick Ryan says: “We believe that playing VR games doesn’t need to be a solitary experience. By making a VR party game, our goal is to expose players to tons of ways they can move their body in VR, while also giving friends a good laugh at their expense.”

You can watch an Alpha gameplay trailer video below.

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