How to Keep Your PlayStation VR in Pristine Condition

Dust, scratches, general wear-and-tear? Keep your PlayStation VR in tip-top shape with these accessories.

The PlayStation VR launched late last year and by all accounts is performing quite well with the early adopters. However, along with having the opportunity to brag about your new piece of hardware comes the responsibility of keeping it in good condition; and with something like a virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) – constantly being taken on-and-off your friends and family’s heads – it’s not always easy to keep the device in tip-top condition.

Below you’ll find a selection of accessories designed to do just that. Worried about smears on the lenses? Buy a cleaning kit. Potential scratches on the front panel? Buy an easily removable sticker. Sweat build-up got you reeling? How about a hygiene kit? Read on to find out what those clever third-party folks have come up with…

DeltaVR Virtual Reality Headset Stand Neo

PlayStation VR Headset Stand

VRFocus has previously written about a selection of different PlayStation VR stands made available, and the list only gets longer. But with the kudos of being an early adopter also comes the responsibility to stand out from the crowd. So, rather than those black and silver plastic stands and charging docks everyone’s buying, how about a faceless head to mount your brand new HMD upon? That’s exactly what DeltaVR are offering you for the entry price of just £44.99 GBP; considerably more than many of those aforementioned stands.

Snakebyte PlayStation VR Cleaning Kit

PlayStation VR Cleaning Kit

Got your lenses in a mess? How about a cleaning kit designed specifically for the PlayStation VR? ‘How is it specific?’ you say? Well, VRFocus isn’t entirely sure, but that’s what Snakebyte state in the description of the product over at Amazon. What is known is that the PlayStation VR Cleaning Kit includes a cleaning cloth, a bottle of cleaning spray and five antibacterial wipes. All of this for £9.99? There must be magic in that box.

Virtual Eyes PlayStationVR Decal

Virtual Eyes – PlayStation VR Sticker Set

While a stand and a cleaning kit have obvious benefits to use of the hardware, the Virtual Eyes sticker sets are purely for cosmetic gain. Want to avoid scratches on that matt black faceplate? Give your PlayStation VR HMD a touch of protection with these decal kits. The decals can be applied quickly and easily to your headset and can then be easily removed leaving zero residue, and are available now in packs of three.

PlayStation VR Guard

PlayStation VR Hygiene Covers

For those who have been following VR for a while, hygiene has become a serious topic of debate. Especially for those who share their HMDs with friends, family members or new acquaintances looking for their first taste of VR. Thankfully, there’s a number of different solutions already available on the market, including individual masks and removable covers applied directly to the PlayStation VR HMD itself. Avid gamers need not know the fear of sharing sweat any more.

You can find out more about the variety of accessories available for PlayStation VR in VRFocusguide to the best accessories for PlayStation VR.

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