Hardware And Home Improvement Store Lowe’s Provides VR Clinics For DIY

Lowe’s hardware stores are one of the most popular places for Americans to buy supplies to attend to do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, but Lowe’s research indicates many people do not know how to approach some more complex projects. Lowe’s is therefore using virtual reality (VR) to teach them how.

In the latest version of Lowe’s ‘Holoroom’ experience, customers at certain selected stores in Boston and Canada can go through the experience of learning how to go about a DIY project such a tiling a shower. The VR experience gives customers step-by-step instructions to complete every stage from mixing the mortal to laying the pattern, even providing haptic feedback for things such as the vibration of a drill through the controller to increase immersion.


“During the past three years, we have been exploring real-life applications of augmented and virtual reality experiences to directly help our customers solve everyday problems,” said Kyle Nel, executive director of Lowe’s Innovation Labs, the company’s disruptive innovation hub. “Our experience has shown that customers are embracing AR/VR as part of their home improvement journey, and now, we are using immersive VR to help our customers learn the required skills to complete challenging home improvement projects.”

During the pilot scheme, Lowe’s will be gathering feedback on how the customers respond to this new method of training. Early indications are good, showing that it boosts customer confidence and enhances motivation to take on DIY projects.


Lowe’s joins a range of companies who are using AR/VR to provide training, ranging from military applications such as Naval flight training to Houston’s shooter situation awareness training through to medical training for dentists.

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