GIPHY Arts Introduces Museum of GIF Art to HTC Vive

For creative fans of virtual reality (VR), this week GIFHY Arts has launched its own app for HTC Vive, GIPHY Museum of GIF Art, allowing users to checkout its first exhibition Loop Dreams.

Last year GIPHY Arts held a one day exhibition in New York’s SoHo neighborhood featuring 25 artists from its community. The Loop Dreams exhibition covered a wide array of mediums and now the company has brought the showcase to VR, with 20 artist’s work on display.

GIPHY Arts logo

GIPHY Arts doesn’t just see GIF’s as humorous memes, but as an artistic medium to be explored by artists, aiming to directly engage with them, creating new distribution methods.

Founded in 2013 by Alex Chung, GIPHY has big plans for the future: “There’s no better way to text someone a piece of moving art than the GIF–video is too big and unpredictable and takes too long to load,” said Giphy community curator Ari Spool to Popular Science. “We want to push the limits.”

GIPHY Museum of GIF Art is free to download for HTC Vive. It’s also available to view in VR for Android and iOS devices. GIPHY will be regularly commissioning new content for the app so keep an eye out for more soon.

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