Geoffrey Zatkin Talks to VRFocus about Dungeon Chess

Co-founder and creative director of developer Experiment 7, Geoffrey Zatkin, talks to VRFocus about upcoming titles Magic Table Chess and Dungeon Chess.

Experiment 7 has been up and running for just over a year and Magic Table Chess is their first title, a virtual reality chess game that is launching on Oculus Rift and Gear VR, with cross-platform competitive play available from launch.

The title features a variety of different chess sets and chess boards, as well as different views from the background window and art that can decorate the wall and 10 different avatars that players can pick from when playing in multiplayer. Zatkin and the team are hoping to integrate Oculus Touch capability into Magic Table Chess soon.

Dungeon Chess - GoldDragon

Magic Table is the name of a platform that the developer is using as a basis for other titles that are currently in development. The developer hopes that it will form the basis for a social gaming experience where groups of people can get together and pick a virtual board game to play from a variety that will be available through the Magic Table platform.

Zatkin was one of the original designers on EverQuest and has over 20 years of experience within the gaming industry. He says this has informed his wish to bring people together and use videogames as a social experience.

Dungeon Chess - MindFlayer

Zatkin is an old-school Dungeons and Dragons role-player, and pitched an idea to Wizards of the Coast to bring an animated D&D form of chess, featuring creatures that will be familiar to role-players, such as Mindflayers, Elves, Beholders and, of course, Dragons. The team has even gone so far as to use the D&D challenge rating system to make sure that each side is equal in terms of the power that they would have in lore. Dungeons and Dragons Chess is in late development and should be ready to launch soon.

You can watch the full interview video below.

VRFocus will bring you further updates on Magic Table Chess and Dungeon Chess as they come in.