Gear VR Controller Specs Unveiled

If you’ve been keep up with today’s announcements from Samsung Unpacked you’ll know about the new Gear 360 camera as well as the price and availability of the new Gear VR controller. Now VRFocus has the full spec list for the device.

Using Bluetooth connectivity, the controller utilises two AAA batteries to provide approximately 40 days of use when used for two hours per day.

The device has 70 titles in development for it, with Drop Dead, Sing Space, Rangi and Rooms now confirmed.

Gear VR Controller specs

As you can see from the image above, the Gear VR controller comes with a range of buttons and functions to support a variety of experiences. Standard Back and Home keys feature, alongside volume keys, a touch pad and trigger button.

The new device is available from 21st April 2017, with a retail price of $39 USD for the standalone controller or purchased with a Samsung Gear VR for $129.

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