GDC Will Return to San Francisco Moscone Center for 2018

The Games Development Conference (GDC), the world’s longest-running and largest professional gaming event, has confirmed it will be returning to the San Francisco Moscone Center for the 2018 event.

GDC runs for an entire week, and this year hosted over 26,000 attendees, with over 570 companies exhibiting alongside lectures, panel discussions, tutorials and hands-on demonstrations. GDC also encompasses the Virtual Reality Developers Conference (VRDC), which first appeared as part of GDC 2016.

The 2017 event saw some of the biggest developers taking to the stage to show off new developments in gaming. Such as Pokemon Go developer Niantic showing how they developed the phenomenally popular Augmented Reality (AR) game, by building on the base of their previous work, Ingress.

Pokemon GO update

“Every GDC gives us a deeper appreciation of the hard work that goes into every aspect of game production, and every role requires attention and deserves respect. With GDC, we aim to honor the commitment, passion and love that all game creators put into each project, I’d like to think we’ve done that this year,” said Meggan Scavio, general manager of the Game Developers Conference. “Games can be scary, exciting, funny, and above all else, fun. They run the gamut of emotions and themes, and there’s a game out there for everyone. GDC embraces this spirit, and we welcome developers of all backgrounds. The last few months have seen lots of challenges and changes, but also some truly amazing gameplay and VR experiences. If GDC 2017 is any indication, we should be in for a hell of a year for games.”

GDC 2016

GDC 2018 will take place from 19th March to 23rd March 2018 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Submissions for both GDC and VRDC will open in the summer.

VRFocus will, as always, bring you any further news on GDC and VRDC