FOVE Announce Partnership With AMD And New Downloads At GDC

Eye-tracking head-mounted display (HMD) virtual reality (VR) device FOVE 0 has been running demonstrations at GDC with their new partners AMD.

The demos are running on MD MultiRes Rendering on Radeon graphics hardware for the first time using foveated rendering. The FOVE 0 with the AMD Radeon has achieved frame rate improvements of almost double and they are reporting baseline GPU improvements of 30% versus standard rendering.

Daryl Sartain, AMD’s Director of VR had this to say; “What FOVE gives us is something we’ve never had before, the ability to know precisely where the user is looking at any moment is a crucial feature that enables us to accurately render high-resolution images where it matters.”

Fove image headshot

FOVE began as a project to create an eye-tracking VR headset on Kickstarter, which successfully hit its funding goal on July 4th 2015. Since then FOVE has rolled out it’s FOVE 0 development kit version to it’s backers as well at the dev kit being made available from the FOVE website for $599 (USD).

As announced on their website, FOVE have also rolled out some new demos for download. Including CognitiveVR, an eye-tracking analytics demo that tracks eye movement from inside a VR store, allowing detailed analysis of product placement and advertising effectiveness.

fove demos

Also on the FOVE Demo Launcher platform are several new demos of games available for FOVE, such as Project Falcon, an on-rails shooter; Judgement, a VR story experience where the player is interrogated by a terrorist group; Rainball a deceptively simple puzzle game and Grandma’s Doll, a VR version of children’s game ‘Statues’ with a horror twist.

VRFocus will continue to bring you news on FOVE as it comes in.