Fans At Ski Cross World Cup at Blue Mountain Watched Races via 360° Virtual Reality

Fans who attended the Audi FIS Ski Cross World Cup at Blue Mountain at the weekend had the unique chance to experience the course for themselves with the use of virtual reality (VR).

On Friday before the main competition, a group of young athletes did a run of the course while wearing VR 360-degree cameras on their helmets to capture the experience of skiing through the challenging ski course.

The technology was created by Canadian company Eye-Live Media, who managed to get approval for the 360-degree video capture from Alpine Canada and FIS. Fans attending Blue Mountain village could then look out for VR View Experience signs in the Mackenzie Investments and Nikon Canada activation zones, where they would get the chance to see the course from the point of view of the athletes.

audi ski cross cup at blue mountain

Eye Live Media is far from the only one using VR and augmented reality (AR) to allow sports fans to get closer to the action. The San Jose Sharks ice hockey team have also produced a VR experience for fans, and The Superbowl and Formula 1 are also looking into VR broadcast options.

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