Darknet Coming to HTC Vive, E McNeill Also working on new Gear VR controller support

In a recent Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), indie developer E McNeill has confirmed he’s working on HTC Vive support as well as plans for the new Gear VR controller and Oculus Touch.

During the AMA, the developer was quizzed on SteamVR support for the long running strategy/hacking title Darknet. He responded by saying: “Darknet will indeed have SteamVR support. It’s nearly finished, actually! The game works surprisingly well with motion controllers, and I’ll be doing laser-pointer-style controls on existing platforms too (with Touch and the new GearVR controller).”

Darknet - PSVR_1

While this will mean HTC Vive users will get a chance to dive into McNeill’s hacking world, there’s no confirmation on when this will happen.

Darknet originally launched for Samsung Gear VR back in 2015, as the developer’s first virtual reality (VR) experience. Since then support has been added to Oculus Rift, and through a partnership with Archiact Interactive the award-winning title launched on Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE’s) PlayStation VR on 7th March.

E McNeill hasn’t just been busy expanding support for Darknet, he’s also created two other strategy titles,  Tactera and most recently SkylightVRFocus reviewed both of them, giving the former a 4-star rating, saying: “Tactera is a great example of high production values on the Samsung Gear VR’s limited hardware and is a showcase piece for the strategy genre in VR.” While Skylight got a 5-star review: “Skylight has been perfectly formulated with engaging gameplay, quirky visuals and hours of entertainment.”

The new Gear VR controller was revealed during Mobile World Congress (MWC) at the end of February, with Oculus claiming: ‘more than 70 new controller titles are already in development’. Last week also saw Coatsink Software confirm controller support for its upcoming mobile videogame Augmented Empireand Samsung recently dropped the price of Gear VR and the Gear 360 camera.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of E McNeill, reporting back with further announcements on motion control support.