A Red Bull F1 Car Comes To Digital Life Thanks To AT&T & Microsoft HoloLens At MWC

AT&T utilise hololens AR technology to enhance their presentations at MWC

AT&T have been using the HoloLens to show off their ‘Connected Car’ services at Mobile World Congress (MWC). The short presentation covers the advantages of their connected car services by showing an Augmented Reality (AR) ‘hologram’ of a car moving through a city.

The AT&T connected car has features that allow other cars to communicate with each other to alert other cars in the area of hazards such as ice and re-route cars around accident sites. The presentation even covered how expanding this service to cover a while city could improve infrastructure.


AT&T also demonstrated another Augmented Reality experience involving a Red Bull Formula 1 car. Hovering above an actual Red Bull Formula 1 car was an exploded diagram of Red Bull car, the presentation highlighted certain areas as the presenter talked about each section. AT&T said during the presentation that they provide the infrastructure that allows real-time data to be transmitted from the F1 team at the track to engineers at their home base.

They also showed a birds-eye view of an F1 circuit, complete with tiny cars racing around, hovering above the physical F1 display car.

You can watch videos of both presentations, recorded by You Are Here below.

VRFocus will bring you further updates on the HoloLens and AR as it develops.


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