Wesley Snipes Is Latest Major Star Set To Appear In A VR Project

The former Blade actor is to appear in a VR companion piece to a forthcoming film.

Transmedia: The telling of a story or narrative that crosses multiple forms, but that are to some degree parts of a bigger whole. Perhaps from another angle. It’s something we’re seeing more and more in entertainment as it adapts to our always-connected lives. It’s something that virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are both becoming more of a part of. We’ve seen it before on VRFocus of course, partner pieces for stage shows, television shows, and feature films. We’ll see it ever more in the months and years to come no doubt.

Wesley Snipes
Photo by Darren Hull

The latest big name set to step into the virtual world via one of these tie-ins in Wesley Snipes (Passenger 57, Blade, Demolition Man) who is set to rumble with some extra terrestrials threatening to invade the Earth in upcoming Mind’s Eye Entertainment feature film The Recall. The Recall VR Abduction, is a ten minute trip from the viewpoint of actor R.J. Mitte’s character as they interact with Snipes’ character and which involved the team from SkyVR in its creation. The team will also be bringing a number of behind the scenes items in VR and 360 degree videos for both YouTube and Facebook.

“This will change the way we hear about movies and rewrite the way we package content.” Commented Travis Cloyd, the VR production’s Producer. “Viewers today are smarter and have access to more content right at their fingertips not just to watch the movie, but live in the realm and watch the feature through this new medium.”

Snipes also explained his enthusiasm for the new medium and how it changes your thinking process working with it.

“The cool thing is that for theater actors, or thespians, this is a great format, because shooting in VR is similar to shooting a play, or performing a play. You don’t have the luxury of cuts, and short takes, and do overs. You have to be on your game, and since everything is in the shot, everyone else needs to be on their game at the same time.”

VRFocus will bring you additional updates on this project as they are revealed.

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