Twin Stick Shooter Landfall Touches Down on Oculus Rift

Several weeks ago Force Field VR held two back to back beta weekends for its twin stick shooter Landfall on Oculus Rift. This was to gauge not only interest in the title but also to iron out any issues and add fixes prior to release which happens to be today.

Landfall is a top down action shooter with both single-player and multiplayer modes available. Taking control of the commander, players are able to unlock 12 different loadouts each with their specialised weapons and mechs. The mechs are the major armament in Landfall providing a range of offensive and defensive capabilities when called upon.

Landfall new screenshot 3

Set on a world engulfed by civil war after a flood significantly reduced the landmass available for habitation, Landfall single-player campaign can also be played in co-op, while the main mulitplayer mode allows for 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 combat. As players progress they’ll gain experience which can then be used to unlock the various loadouts for more devastating attacks. At certain points players can also activate a first-person mode to get right into the action and mow down enemies.

Landfall supports the Xbox controller and retails for £22.99 GBP. For the latest updates from Force Field VR on Landfall, keep reading VRFocus.