Secret Sorcery’s Tethered Arrives on Rift and Vive Next Week

Earlier this month Secret Sorcery announced that it’s virtual reality (VR) title Tethered would be coming to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive having originally launched for PlayStation VR. A release date wasn’t confirmed at the time, but now the studio has revealed it’ll be next week.

Tethered is a strategy videogame casting players in the role of a Spirit Guardian looking to restore balance to the world. All the other guardians have been imprisoned inside ancient totems by an evil consuming the world, and by gathering enough Spirit Energy players will be able to free their fellow guardians. This is accomplished by aiding the inhabitants of the world, called Peeps, who in turn help the quest.

Tethered - Screenshot18

Scott Kirkland, Managing Director at Secret Sorcery said in a statement: “Following overwhelmingly positive feedback from pre-launch events such as EGX Rezzed, a successful launch on PlayStation VR last year and countless tales of players losing track of time whilst immersed in our godly creation, we can’t wait to hear what the PC VR gaming community thinks about Tethered.

“To encourage folks to take the plunge (and minimize Peep casualties), PC versions of Tethered will be available for just £18.99 GBP / €22.99 EUR / $24.99 USD. With 13 beautiful levels, a competitive leaderboard (to contrast your godly prowess with that of your friends) and a superb G.A.N.G. award nominated interactive score, Tethered is manna from heaven!”

If you’ve not yet seen the videogame in action Secret Sorcery has released a hands-on video, this showcases gameplay on Oculus Rift using Oculus Touch controllers.

Tethered will launch on Monday, 27th February via Steam and Oculus Home. For further updates to the title, keep reading VRFocus.