Life In 360°: Lewis Hamilton Takes The 2017 Mercedes F1 Car For A Spin

Hello all, and welcome to GDC week here at VRFocus. I’m back from holiday and we’re starting things off with, of course, Monday’s visit to Life in 360° returns to a favourite topic: Formula 1.

The 2017 season is not too far away from beginning, with regulation changes meaning aerodynamics are getting ever more creative. Expect to hear lots about systems, holes and tubes that channel airflow through the chassis this year. We’re again expected to have an array of creative noses on cars, tho thankfully not the anteater-style nose cones of a few seasons back. Cars instead seem to be sporting “shark fins” to help with downforce as the wider Pirelli tires mean, among other things, faster cornering.

The cars are already being revealed, Sauber looking particularly classy with the addition of gold highlights to their livery replacing the yellow which made them look like a branch of Ikea. McLaren meanwhile has been the subject of much talk, after ditching their grey/silver motif of the last decade and returning to their original and much loved orange livery, not seen since 1971 for the MCL32. Brought back to the constructor after fans requested the team, finally not tied down to colours of sponsors (think the white/red Marlboro sponsored McLaren Honda cars of the 80s) reach back into the past and use the team’s original orange in their design.

Our video though features 2016 Formula One Constructors champions Mercedes-AMG and their 2017 car (the F1 W08 EQ Power+, to be precise) being driven around British Grand Prix circuit Silverstone during their official launch event. Not only that but we have behind the wheel driving one Lewis Hamilton. Three time World Champion and also your commentator for this video. What does he think of the new car? Check it out below.

VRFocus will of course be back with another Life In 360° video Wednesday at the usual time.