Life In 360°: Back Under The Sea

Over the weekend, prior to the events of the game jam over at The VR Concept, I met up with some friends I’d not seen for a while. During the evening talk turned to work and I ended up mentioning Life In 360°, and the idea of featuring a different 360 degree video on the site every other day. My friend was intrigued and I ran down some of the various video that we’ve seen in recent times.

During this the topic of underwater recording came up, and whilst we’ve certainly had them I mentioned to them that we’ve not had one for a while. So we’re rectifying that today.

We’re all off to the Bahamas for some scuba diving action, traversing the deep blue waters of the Caribbean, above the jagged rocks, through and past schools of fish. Enjoy a moment of tranquility and the richness of underwater life and VRFocus will be back on Friday with another 360 degree video from around the world.