Life In 360°: A Tricky Trip To The Alps

Wednesday is here again and so it is time for another trip into the skies courtesy of a 360 degree video. Li360 regulars  will know we’ve had more than a few instances of getting up above the clouds. Sometimes it’s been a case of the action coming to us however.

Yes once more we’re going inside a plane for a view, practically from the co-pilot’s lap, of the interior to a jet fighter. The footage, recorded by Blick takes you inside an F-5 fighter flying over the Alps. You get to fly in formation with Nils Jamie Hämmerli as he and the team perform a number of maneuvers from a barrel roll to a Delta loop all with a miraculous view of the mountains below and around you.

VRFocus will be back on Friday with another showcase of 360 degrees in action.