Koei Tecmo Unveil VR Sense Cabinet with Heat, Touch & Smell Functionality

Virtual reality (VR) can be an impressively immersive technology, whether its just a head-mounted display (HMD) or a headset and tracked controllers. But the industry isn’t standing still, looking for new ways to involve users in virtual worlds, with the latest coming from Koei Tecmo in the shape of VR Sense, an arcade cabinet that can simulate senses such as touch and smell.

Designed to be used in arcades and theme parks, the VR Sense uses PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR hardware to run the experience reports Game Watch Impress. To aid immersion, inside the cabinet there are several features that make the unit standout. While the seat can twist, turn and elevate, there’s a scent function to provide more than just a pine fragrance, a wind option for when players are running or flying through the air, a hot or cold function to give that extra environmental feel and also a mist option for those rain effects moments. Lastly there’s the touch function, which mimics the effects of crawling insects or spiders.

Koei Tecmo - vrsense

Famitsu reports that Yoichi Kabeikawa, the President and CEO of Koei Tecmo Holdings, said: “VR Sense is a highly versatile enclosure that can be deployed in a variety of fields regardless of game, We are hoping to provide content to the field. ”

VR Sense was demoed with three videogames: Dynasty Warriors, GI Jockey Sense and Horror Sense, all using PlayStation Move controllers.

Koei Tecmo has thought about potential issues when people are playing in VR, namely security. If you’re at a park the units are designed to be unmanned, so if you jump into a cabinet secure luggage compartments are available to protect your stuff.

The company will be demoing the concept at the Japan Amusement Expo 2017 (JAEPO 2017) from 10th to 12th February 2017, with an expected Japanese release date around the summer.

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