Indiegogo Campaign Launched for Geekzonia a Social VR Platform Dedicated to Geek Culture

The campaign aims to raise $40,000.

Virtual reality (VR) platforms such as AltspaceVR, vTime and VRChat all showcase the social possibilities of a technology once seen as very anti-social. It’s becoming a popular genre in VR and 2017 could see a new app vying for users attention, Geekzonia.

Aimed at Geeks, VR and tech enthusiasts, Geekzonia uses Improbable’s SpatialOS platform to build a world for users to get together and share their interests in interactive, immersive and extraordinary environments linked to these interests. It’ll transport users into a virtual world separated into themed zones, sci-fi, horror, fantasy and more. Each zone will allow users to explore content from watching the latest movie trailer to shopping merchandise at a comic store.

Geekzonia image 2

The app will host various events covering a myriad of different ideas and content. This will include: Fan Hangouts, which will have international group discussions about shows like Doctor Who, or automatically find friends who love the same fandoms. Quiz Shows will be held pitting fan groups against each other, with themed rounds like Name the Super Hero! Sing that Theme Tune! Reenact this Scene! There will be Viewing Parties for live events like eSports Tournaments or exclusive 360° trailers and movies, or how about Workshops with eSports coaches, Comic Book writers/artists, Cosplayers and VR Vloggers.

Scheduled for launch in August 2017, Geekzonia aims to raise $40,000 USD (£32,000 GBP) in funding by April through Indiegogo. As the app will be free those who back the campaign will be rewarded with In-World freebies and will get double their money back in Geekzonian dollars to spend on exclusive events, avatar extras, 3D printing and shopping. They’ll also be entered into a competition to win an Oculus Rift.

Stephen Walsh, co-founder said: “If you’re a geek like us, the potential of Virtual Reality makes you giddy. Growing up, the idea of virtual worlds was the work of Science Fiction, from The Matrix to the Holodeck in Star Trek. Today, 90 million people own a Virtual Reality headset but we’re still waiting for the Holodeck, and we’ve certainly not reached Matrix proportions. But Geekzonia is turning Science Fiction into Science FACT, creating a Universe that hosts unlimited VR users and delivering a 24/7 Comic-Con of WONDER. We’re so excited to open the floodgates and get Geeks investing in a world they’re really passionate about.”

VRFocus will follow the progress of Geekzonia, reporting back with any new updates.

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