First Look At Gunfire Games Co-Op Shooter From Other Suns

Gunfire Games has announced a new space-based co-operative shooter that combines elements of crew management, first-person shooters and loot gathering.

From Other Suns is being demonstrated this week at GDC. The game is still in development and some features are currently missing from the build, such as inter-ship combat, which Gunfire says will be implemented soon, as will the ability to send your crew to repair your ship.


The title is exclusive to Oculus Rift and integrates Oculus Touch support. This allows for a unique form of movement in the game that is designed to reduce the impact of motion sickness on the player. When you start to move using the Touch controller, you see your avatar from a third-person perspective, but once you let go of the analog stick, you are snapped back into your body in what some players have described as an ‘out of body experience’.

Though the game largely revolves around the co-op experience, it is possible to play solo. You can customise and swap out your weapon load out depending on the requirements of the mission. The maps are procedurally generated for a unique experience each time you play.

The game is currently expected to get an Autumn 2017 release. You can see the announcement trailer below. As always, VRFocus will keep you informed on the news on From Other Suns and from GDC.