Face an Astronaut’s Worst Fears as it’s Time to go Homebound

It was only a couple of months ago that Quixel announced its first virtual reality (VR) project Homebound, utilising the company’s advanced texture software which has been used on Hollywood blockbusters and videogame franchises. Now Homebound has landed for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

A short sci-fi adventure, Homebound puts players through a series of catastrophic events that lead to their ship hurtling out of control. Rather than disappearing into the depths of space, players finding themselves reentering Earth’s atmosphere. Aside from the spaceship’s AI they’re completely alone as they plummet towards the planet, aiming to achieve one goal, survive.

Homebound_Out Now_4

Earlier this week VRFocus spoke to Wiktor Ohman, who’s been the sole developer on the project. Originally created as a marketing demo to showcase Quixel’s tools, the idea was then expanded into a fully fledged VR experience.

Homebound is created using Quixel SUITE, the texturing toolkit used in most of today’s major AAA franchises,” said Ohman in a statement. “It uses Quixel’s Megascans technology to deliver the most believable surfaces to date in VR and we can’t wait for gamers to experience it!”

Released through SteamHomebound currently has a limited time discount available until 23rd February. There’s a 20 percent reduction, dropping the price from £5.99 GBP down to £4.79.

Checkout the new launch trailer below, and for any further Homebound updates, keep reading VRFocus.