Endless Runner RIVR Sprints onto Gear VR

For gamers looking for a non-stop challenge, endless runners can provide a welcome change to all the shooters available for Gear VR. The latest comes from Swedish developer Lone Hero Studios in the form of RIVR.

Set in a simple polyart world, RIVR challenges players to get as far as possible, rushing through grasscovered hills, green swamps and frozen peaks in a world that’s ever changing.

From a first-person viewpoint players tilt their heads to avoid obstacles, or run along walls to cross caverns. An additional dynamic not usually seen in this type of genre is the option to shift between dimensions, allowing them to pass through objects that can’t be avoided.

RIVR has launched today via the Oculus Store for $2.99 USD / £2.29 GBP. For all the latest Gear VR news, keep reading VRFocus.