Bad Dream Stalks Onto Google Cardboard

Some would say that virtual reality (VR) gives you experiences you could never dream of having. Then again, there are such things as bad dreams. A new title called just that, Bad Dream, has been released for Google Cardboard and other Android-based headsets by Cannes based developers Creanet 3D.


You play not with a controller but by moving your body to get your character to walk, crawl or climb via pantomiming the movement. The twenty minute long experience promises much in the way of scares, with spooky goings on behind every corner. From mysterious shadows, to howling, clawing grotesques and chainsaw wielding maniacs chasing you down the corridor.

All the fun of the fair then.

And all because you wanted to go on holiday to Paradise Beach; unfortunately it’s when you wake up that the nightmare truly begins. The game is available to buy now for £0.79 (GBP) or your regional equivalent and can be found on the Google Play store. A trailer for the title can be found below.  For more news about Google Cardboard games, and related projects click the link in the VRFocus top bar.