YuMe Survey Finds 63% of Respondents Have Tried VR

YuMe Inc., a global technology company that announced the launch of its 360-degree video ad format last month, has now released the results of a recent survey looking at consumer attitudes to virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and immersive ad formats.

YuMe surveyed more than 800 US individuals between the age of 18 – 54 to understand current attitudes about and potential demand within the immersive technology space, and to better understand potential advertising opportunities. What the survey found was that 86 percent of respondents had heard of VR but only 29 percent had actually tried any form of VR. Of those that had tried VR, 63 percent felt it was the ‘next big thing’.


“We believe the appetite for immersive ad experiences is growing rapidly and that savvy brands and agencies who want to interact authentically with consumers and drive higher engagement should explore these ad formats,” said Tripp Boyle, VP of Emerging Platforms, YuMe. “We’re proud to be a leader in this latest industry innovation arc, as we see tremendous value for brands in vertical markets, including auto, entertainment, travel and retail, to offer interactive experiences and deepen consumer bonds with their brands.”

Other findings from the survey show that only 16 percent of the respondents either own or use an immersive device such as a head-mounted display (HMD) or and 360-degree camera.

YuMe Infographic on Owning VR device

What the it does show is that immersive technology can drive more engaging experiences, with 60 percent believing VR can do so, while 53% believe the same of 360-degree video.

“Our survey indicates a strong, favorable perception of VR, AR and 360-degree video,” said Mireya Arteaga, Research Lead, YuMe. “We believe the value for marketers is that it can also create a halo effect over brands that incorporate these immersive experiences into their marketing strategies. Overall, brands are often perceived as more innovative and therefore we believe consumers are more likely to pay attention to their ads.”

VRFocus will continue its coverage of YuMe, reporting back with any further updates.