VR Scores Big in Steam Top 100 Sellers of 2016

Valve Corporation has revealed the top 100 best selling videogames of 2016 via the Steam digital distribution platform. Within the list is a varied selection of AAA titles, indie hits and unexpected success stories. However, a number of virtual reality (VR) compatible titles have also made the list.

Dota 2 VR art

The ‘Top 100 Best Sellers of 2016’ list revealed today is based upon the highest grossing titles of the calendar year 2016. No information regarding revenues has been disclosed, however it remains interesting to see how many of these titles include VR compatibility; including the very first title on the list: DOTA 2.

Also included are ARK: Survival Evolved, the free-to-play War Thunder, Subnautica, and Elite Dangerous. It should be noted that, while each of these titles in compatible with the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, the OSVR Hacker Dev Kit or any combination thereof, they are all also playable without a VR head-mounted display (HMD) at all. Thus, it’s unlikely to be the result of VR compatibility that has brought such significant success to each title.

With the holiday season now over the VR audience is eager to see any reshuffling of the deck which may have occurred. Sales figures for each of the major VR HMDs have always been kept a closely guarded secret, but some believable estimations have made their way into the public spectrum previously. It’s likely that we’ll hear some more details on this prior to CES 2017, Las Vegas, later this week.

VRFocus will be in attendance at CES 2017 and will bring you all the latest details from the show floor.