Unreal Engine 4.15 Preview Adds PlayStation VR Aim Controller Support

Last November Epic Games launched the latest version of its middleware development software Unreal Engine 4.14, adding improved landscape editing in virtual reality (VR) and deeper PlayStation VR support. Developers using UE4 can now get their hands on the first preview build for the software 4.15, which again delves deeper into Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE) headset, this time with the addition of Aim Controller support.

The PlayStation VR Aim Controller has been showcased at quite a few events since its first outing in June 2016 during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles. Demoed alongside first-person shooter (FPS) Farpoint, the controller has yet to be given a release date although it’s expected this year.

PSVR Light Gun

The other VR update included in Unreal Engine 4.15 Preview 1 is an experimental version of Monoscopic Far Field Rendering for mobile VR, designed to aid a devices performance when creating lots of objects at a distance. The VR Editor hasn’t been left out either with several menu updates for easier access.

As with any preview build Epic Games states the software shouldn’t be used for production development, bugs are still being ironed out and improvements added. The VR changlog can be seen below or head to the Unreal Engine forums for the full list.

As ever, keep reading VRFocus for the latest Unreal Engine developments.

  • VR Updates:
    • The PlayStation VR Aim Controller is now supported through the new AimController plugin. To activate, simply change the “Hand” value to “Gun” on your Motion Controller component.
    • (Experimental) Monoscopic Far Field Rendering for mobile VR is available for testing. With content that has many distant objects, this can benefit performance. To enable, select the checkbox under Project Settings -> Rendering -> VR. We don’t currently support both mobile multi-view and monoscopic far field simultaneously and mobile HDR needs to be disabled.
  • VR Editor Updates:
    • Updated Quick Menu and Radial Menu to quickly access editor functionality.
    • The new number pad menu appears when you click on an editable text field.