Unleash Your Inner Ninja with Sky Sanctuary on HTC Vive

It seems HTC Vive users are going to be able to practice their ninja skills this year with a couple Japanese titles confirmed for the headset. Earlier this week VRFocus reported on Samurai Sword VR set to launch at the end of the month, and for February there’s going to be Sky Sanctuary.

Developed by Glitchr Studio, Sky Sanctuary is another virtual reality (VR) title aimed at teaching players the way of the samurai (or at least slicing things up). Set to launch as an Early Access video game on Steam, Sky Sanctuary will initially have two main weapons to practice with, a katana and a Japanese bow, along with several secondary weapons such as smoke bombs.

Guided by a robot companion who’ll be teaching players various moves and skill sets, there will be three gameplay modes available Precision, Dynamic and Skeet. Plus for the experts there’s Tameshigiri with 3 difficulty modes, which involves slicing and dicing tatami rolls as quickly as possible.

Being a frantic sword wielding title Sky Sanctuary also offers some relaxing rest bite if players fancy it. The title is set across four main islands which are freely explorable, so players can wander around enjoying the sights and sounds Glitchr Studio has created.

Looking past what’ll be offered at launch Glitchr Studio as detailed a road map of future features, these include:

  • New game modes for existing activities
  • Adding 2 new activity zones / islands
  • Additional weapons such as: Crossbow, Kunai, Boomerang and more)
  • Fixing shadows (due to Unity 5.X mixed mode lighting, we need to wait for the 5.6 version to have clean blended shadows between dynamic and static ones)
  • Enhance the environment with improved lighting, particles, wildlife, etc
  • Add more interactions with the environment (Robot behaviour, interactable objects, easter eggs)
  • Implement a reward system based on leaderboard results with competitive seasons

Sky Sanctuary is set to arrive for HTC Vive on 15th February and for all the latest HTC Vive content, keep reading VRFocus.