Try Bandit Six: Salvo for Free on Gear VR

When the Samsung Gear VR publicly launched back in the latter half of November 2015, Climax Studios already had two titles available for it, Bandit Six and Bandit Six: Salvo.  The latter greatly expanded on the former’s turret-based first person shooter (FPS) gameplay, and now those that haven’t tried it can do so for free.

Head to the Oculus Store on Gear VR and you’ll see that the first three levels for Bandit Six: Salvo are now free with gamers having to pay to unlock the rest of the videogame. It’s a method begin utilised by other VR studios rather than free demos – most recently E McNeill used it for Skylight.


While the original Bandit Six had players taking control of a gun turret in a World War 2 bomber, Bandit Six: Salvo adapted that idea further. Instead of a turret inside a bomber, players operate various ground weapons including machine guns, cannons and mortars that overlook locations such as beaches and war torn city streets. They select which positions will have what weapon and then man them to take on a onslaught of different enemy types, from enemy bombers and helicopters to landing craft, tanks, jeeps and more.

Since the release of the Bandit Six videogames Climax Studios opened a new studio in New Zealand, helmed by Andy Wilton and focusing on VR and augmented reality (AR) development. Also, last year saw the release of its most recent title for Gear VR, side scrolling shooter Gun Sight

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