Touch Surgery Launches AR Platform in Partnership with DAQRI

AR training helps to ensure a higher quality of surgical care globally.

When advancing medical science researchers utilise the very latest technology, that includes virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Recently Touch Surgery, a specialist in mobile surgical simulation platforms, has partnered with AR specialist DAQRI, to launch a new immersive surgical training app.

Aimed at providing users with the means to perform next to ‘real life’ surgical procedures, the development brings AR into the operating room allowing surgeons to practice surgery in a virtual operating room on a virtual patient, with the aim of improving access to high quality surgical care globally.

Touch Surgery image

“Our mission is to power the educational platform that trains surgeons and enables greater global access for safe surgery,” said Touch Surgery co-founder and CEO Jean Nehme, M.D. “To date, we have delivered our content to surgeons via mobile devices in preparation for entering the OR. Our latest developments in augmented reality platforms allows us to extend our support to the surgeons across the world.

“Our ability to deliver procedural content to wearable devices is a major step in fulfilling our mission to be a key resource for surgeons along the pathway from resident to attending.”

While Brian Mullins, founder and CEO at DAQRI commented: “There’s no denying that with the help of technology like DAQRI Smart Glasses, medical training globally is vastly improving. No longer do surgeons need to refer to outdated books or medical journals – they can learn the process of a surgical procedure in an almost ‘real life’ scenario, and then receive feedback. By partnering with Touch Surgery, we are able to help surgeons practice their skills, learn new ones and ultimately enhance the worldwide access patients have to quality medical care.

“We believe that DAQRI Smart Glasses are the ideal device for the surgical theatre and are excited about the possibilities that AR and VR bring to the healthcare industry in providing an interactive training platform for the medical professionals of tomorrow, but also the opportunity to refresh the knowledge of those working in the industry today.”

To date Touch Surgery has digitized over 225 surgical procedures, and made them available to a community of over 1.5 million users. Additionally, the Touch Surgery Virtual Residency Program (VRP) is now being used in over 25 training programs to support formal training globally.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of AR and VR advancements in medicine, reporting back with any further announcements.

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