Take Deep Breaths And Lighten Your Thoughts With Deepak Chopra VR Experience

There are many types of virtual reality (VR) experiences. There are games, educational apps, films and associated experiences – such as the one for the Power Rangers movie that VRFocus got hands on with this week, and the newly announced experience for Alien: Covenant – in 360 degrees and each of these themselves have a number of different genres.

The Samsung Gear VR has arguably the biggest range of VR experiences avalable to it and is, based on Samsung’s figures, also the most wide-reaching of the non-Cardboard HMDs on the market at the moment.

The latest Gear VR experience to be released this week on the Oculus store is one that comes from a publisher that should be very familiar to regular VRFocus readers: Wevr.

The app, Deepak Chopra Finding Your True Self is a relaxation and meditation app featuring the philosopher, physician and best selling author. Sit back and relax as music, imagery and Chopra’s instructions wash over you. As he delves into how VR can help not just entertain but also promote a better well being.

The app is available for £6.99 (GBP), $8.99 (USD) or your regional equivalent.Check back with VRFocus regularly for more Gear VR news and updates.

Derek Chopra - 2