Sonic Meme Tweet Teases SEGA Hololens Experiments

When it comes to video game social media it would be difficult to think of another account that has had as much impact than that for the Sonic The Hedgehog brand. The Twitter account – run by SEGA of America (SOA) – has, over the last 18 months almost deliberately eschewed actual news updates in favour of off-the-wall content and ever increasingly bizarre meme-based antics.

Sonic The Hedgehog - 25th Anniversary

Their latest video, seen below, features the character ‘Sanic’. An infamous awkwardly drawn representation of Sonic made famous in fan art ‘running’ across the SOA offices as a joke virtual reality (VR) experience. Intentionally or unintentionally, it is somewhat reminiscent of the Young Conker experience revealed almost a year ago to much negative reaction. Indeed, the trailer for that has (at the time of writing) over 28,000 dislikes against only 1,757 likes.

What is more interesting however is that it does out that SEGA not only have a Hololens, as seen in the beginning of the video but they are, apparently, experimenting with it. The social media team did however preemptively pour cold water on the prospect of a Sonic VR (or even, heaven help us, a Sanic VR), commenting in the video’s description that “Sometimes, you get a shiny new toy to make vidja games on. Sometimes, you let the social team get their hands on it. We do not apologize.”

That said, few games studios have showed they possess the very expensive kit, and it does make you wonder just what else SEGA might be using it for. Coincidentally, next week’s VR vs. column is already confirmed to be relating to SEGA, and will be discussing potential franchise that could make the leap to VR and/or AR.

VRFocus will of course bring you news of SEGA support for any of current crop of headsets as it is announced.