Skylight Arrives on Gear VR with New Trailer

In December VRFocus reported on indie developer E McNeill revealing his latest virtual reality (VR) title in development Skylight for Gear VR. A turn-based strategy videogame, Skylight has now arrived on the mobile head-mounted display (HMD) for free (kind of), along with a new trailer.

The developer has implemented a try-before-you-buy policy for Skylight, in which Gear VR owners can download the title for free. This gives them access to access to 8 out of the 12 ships available along with 10 missions. If players want to unlock more of Skylight then there’s a one off $4.99 USD fee, giving access to the other ships and a further 20 missions.

Skylight’s all about controlling an armada of space ships through more and more challenging levels. Players choose from a selection of capital ships, frigates and fighters, all with their own specialties and weaknesses.

The new trailer showcases the gameplay in action, with forces having to be carefully manoeuvred into position for maximum effect. Alongside the 30 single player missions Skylight also offers multiplayer and skrimish modes for extended gameplay.

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