Raw Data Developer Survios to Launch VR Arcade Initiative

This week Los Angeles-based developer Survios, the studio behind first-person shooter (FPS) Raw Data for HTC Vive, has announced the launch of an arcade-optimized version of the title, specifically for VR entertainment venues around the world.

The new version of Raw Data will give players a uniquely streamlined experience. Raw Data Arcade will feature simpler in-game menus, improved loading times, faster multiplayer matchmaking, and admin tools for arcade operators.

Raw Data (3)

There will be multiple game modes, including match-based hero progression and fully unlocked quickplay, as well as customizable gameplay timers to make Raw Data Arcade adaptable to both short and long arcade play sessions.

“The resurgence of arcades is a welcome development in the virtual reality arena,” said Survios VP of Business Development, Ben Kim. “VR arcades provide an easy entry point for consumers curious about premium VR technology. We are thrilled to announce Raw Data Arcade as we continue our mission to build a worldwide arcade distribution network for Survios and other developers.”

“Survios is the most sophisticated publisher with respect to arcade operators’ needs,” added McKay Christensen, co-founder and CEO of VR Junkies, a network of arcades with multiple locations in North America. “Raw Data is a fantastic title, and to have that game combined with their marketing support and customer service has been immensely valuable to us.”

Currently Survios has beta-tested the arcade in nearly 30 countries, and as Survios’ roster of games grow, they’ll be added to the arcades libraries alongside offering distribution support to VR developers who want to enter the arcade market through its publishing initiative.


VR arcades are continuing to grow and multiply, with HTC Vive being used in a large majority of them. From Viveport Arcade and Adores Inc. in Tokyo, to VR Here in the UK and Scene75 Entertainment Center in the US, these new immersive centres may just become commonplace in the near future.

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