Polarity Ball Launches on Gear VR

Samsung’s mobile head-mounted display (HMD) Gear VR arrived well over a year ago and in that time has proved massively popular – the company recently stated over 5 million had been sold. So it makes sense that indie developers working on virtual reality (VR) projects would design their experiences for the device, reaching as wider audience as possible. Today indie developer Chris Menning launches a mash up between squash and tennis, Polarity Ball. 

Polarity Ball’s simple in its execution by controlling a paddle through head movements, players have to continually return the ball to build combos and score as many points as possible. There are several modes to try out including Practice, First to Finish, Timed and Endless depending on how skillful players are and the level of challenge they wish to face.

The game is available now on the Oculus store and is downloadable for free. For the latest Gear VR releases, keep reading VRFocus.