Oculus Teases SUPERHOT VR Forever Update

For Oculus Touch owners who’re fans of first-person shooter (FPS) SUPERHOT VR, Oculus has teased an upcoming update with a Tweet today.

Called ‘FOREVER UPDATE’ the only details the tweet conveyed were through a short GIF showing some very old computers and CRT monitors. The GIF shows a floppy disc (remember those) being inserted into the central computer, doing so momentarily changes the screen to ‘Updating SUPERHOT’.

Superhot - Forever Update

It’s whats written on the disk itself that holds the most info. In a hand written note style you can just make out what’s on the label, saying SUPER HOT UPDATE, Challenges, Achievements, Bugfixes and Secrets.

Further details have yet to be released on what challenges these might just be, but as its called the ‘FOREVER UPDATE’ there’s a good chance an endless mode for hardcore SUPERHOT VR fans could be included.

The update hasn’t gone live on Oculus Home (at time of writing) so this does look to be a early tease at present.

Last week the developers behind SUPERHOT VR teamed up with Mod DB, alongside with IMGN.PRO, Oculus, Nvidia, Intel for a #MAKEITSUPERHOT competition. It challenges modders, game designers, artists and other creative types to make stuff inspired by the video game.

As VRFocus learns more about the update, we’ll let you know.