Life In 360°: Walking New York

We begin our wrap up of things for the working week with our Friday issue of Life In 360°. Our thrice weekly trip out into the world via 360 degree video from any number of sources and focused on any number of things. Today we’re taking a trip over to America and arguably its most famous city – New York.

Courtesy of, appropriately enough, The New York Times and their NYT VR app we have have the nearly seven minute experience Walking New York. A production in conjunction with Wevr. However, it is not what you might necessarily think. I.e. a casual journey through New York’s streets, or maybe taking in various iconic locations in the city. Like the Empire State Building, or Central Park, the Chrysler Building or swinging past The Statue of Liberty. (We’ve done the latter before, as you might recall.) Instead this is a behind the scenes look as to how The New York Times Magazine’s Walking New York cover was created. Join artist JR in his studio as he describes the vision for the cover.

‘Li360’ will be back, of course, on Monday. Don’t forget to check out the rest of VRFocus today and over the weekend for news, videos and updates from the worlds of virtual and augmented reality.