Life In 360°: The Race Of Champions 2017

We’re staying with America for today’s 360 degree video, more specifically we’re off to Miami to take in last weekend’s Race of Champions (ROC) in Marlins Park. If you don’t know what ROC is, the name is pretty bang on. It’s an annual cross-discipline competition between racing drivers from all formulas. Rallycross people square off against touring car people and Formula 1 people. It’s a big party to see who is the best of the best.

Of the best. If that is possible.

Today’s video comes from 360 Racing as has the camera situated just behind the start/finish line. It is, without question, the longest video we’ve ever featured. Because this 360 degree stream clocks in at over FOUR HOURS LONG. It’s like you’re sat in the middle of the track for the whole event(!)

VRFocus will bring you another video on Friday. Enjoy!