Life In 360°: The NBA Guide To How Not To Edit A 360 Degree Video

We’re back into the world of sport today, not to be confused with ITV’s wrestling show of the same name. In fact we’re not anywhere near that as it happens. We’re off to Sacremento, the new practice facility of the Sacremento Kings… and actually a not very good 360 degree video.

A not very good video? Then why include it at all? Well it’s important to point out when 360 degrees doesn’t work as well as the many occasions it can improve the experience.

We join a trick shot challenge between NBA’s Social Media Host Austin Mills and the Kings’ own Ben McLemore. During which the video will between contrasting views on multiple cameras. A lot. With a a 2D picture that’s fine as your eyes will just flick to wherever the action is. In 360 degrees your head has to move as well if you change the viewpoint. So if you go from the action being in the distance to suddenly right below you to then being next to you you’re going to get frustrated in a hurry.

You can watch the video below, but be warned as much as you might be entertained by it you might also get annoyed by it.