Life In 360°: The Most Important Taco Of The Day

Midweek and another 360 degree video start things off. In fact, let’s all just take in some breakfast since it is an appropriate time when this is going up!

So, you may recall last month during the Christmas Life In 360°-fest that at one point we headed over to the kitchen of Tastemade for some 360 degree surf and turf cookery. The result of this step-by-step guide to “Hors d’oeuVRes” was a sudden craving for properly done lobster.

Well we’re heading back to the series today as Tastemade‘s Megan and Jimmy make some tasty breakfast tacos – or to be more precise, cheesy breakfast tacos with bacon and avocado relish. Which sounds positively scrummy. You can check out the video below.

Speaking of things to check out, after three weeks my little VR vs. mini-series on predictions for 2017 is complete. Part 3 went up yesterday and you can find Part 1 and Part 2 via the links. Life In 360° returns to VRFocus, of course,on Friday.