Life In 360°: Space – The Last Resort

When you’re a company, especially a technology company the idea that you should ‘dream big’ is a relatively easy one. At least in theory. In practice of course it’s a little bit more difficult than it seems. For many though if you said to them make the company ‘go as far as you can’ they wouldn’t necessarily think upwards.

Cisco Spark Space Hotel

Today’s video shows what happens when a space traveler (Anousheh Ansari), a astronautics professor (David Barnhart), a hotel expert (Brian Kelly) and an interior designer (Nicole Hollis) come together. It may sound like the beginning of the joke but using Cisco Spark collaboration platform has resulted in the design of the very first space hotel. The ‘tour’, produced by studio Gentleman Scholar, takes the idea of space tourism to its end goal. With an orbital rest stop comprising a lobby, bedrooms, a dining area, an observation deck and even – somehow – a zero-G swimming pool which you need to see to wrap your head around.

“Late last year, both President Obama and Elon Musk announced plans for a trip to Mars, so this idea doesn’t seem that far fetched,” said Associate Partner and Creative Director Will Elliott from Goodby Silverstein & Partners (GS&P). “Our new campaign shows how Cisco Spark helps teams turn big ideas, such as the galaxy’s first space hotel, into reality.”

“What’s really interesting is today’s technology is enabling the move from fiction to fact,” added Barnhart, “We are all wanderers and explorers, and now it’s time for us to look outside to space.”

You can see the 360 degree video below ans well as a making-of film to show you what went into making it.  VRFocus will, of course, be back on Monday with another trip- maybe not into space, but into Life In 360°.