Life In 360°: Defying The Drop At The Devil’s Pool

Hello once again and welcome back to Now we’re into the New Year our trips into the world of 360 degree video have once again returned to their regular slots on Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning.

It’s also time to get out your virtual suitcase again, we back off on our travels. This time we’re off to straddle the border between the African nations of Zambia and Zimbabwe, courtesy of National Geographic. To take in the unquestionable might of Victoria Falls.

The falls, which at 5577 feet are the largest in the world, are formed by the rapidly flowing River Zambezi which dumps an estimated 600 million cubic litres of water onto the ground every minute. In every sense they are just extraordinary.

VRFocus will be back Friday with another example with another Life In 360°. Where will we end up this year? If you fancy seeing some more examples of the beauty of the world Peter recently took over the reigns for a few days and showed off the wonders of Ireland.