Life In 360°: All Aboard!

Welcome to 2017 and the first Life In 360° for the new year. So what has VRFocus chosen as its first immersive video of 2017, a hard hitting political documentary maybe? Something on climate change? Animals close to extinction? Oh no we’re starting a little easier than that with a ride along on The Flying Scotsman, a famous British steam train that’s recently been renovated and put back into service.

Created by filmmakers Drew Gardner, Samantha Quick, and Maureen Towey for The New York Times’, The Daily 360 on YouTube, the video begins by putting viewers directly on the front of the locomotive as it hurtles through the British countryside.

Train aficionados should know The Flying Scotsman as its a highly popular model featured in many train sets. They’ll now be able to see inside the train, watching as the engine is stoked with coal.

Check back tomorrow for VRFocus’ last daily Life In 360° as we revert back to normal scheduling.